Text Box: of surgery.  We recommend IV catheter, fluids, and bloodwork for ALL pets however, regardless of age.
	In addition to our dental discount, we are offering a special on our pre-operative screening panel.  This includes a full CBC, chemistry profile, and urinalysis.  For pets scheduled for dental prophylaxis during our February special we are offering the urinalysis for FREE on this screening package.  Routine annual bloodwork is a great idea especially for older pets as it helps us to identify many diseases early Text Box: 	As always in February we run our dental month special.  This includes 10% off of routine dental prophylaxis (tooth cleaning). The dental prophy package includes anesthesia and monitoring, dental cleaning and polishing, and fluoride treatment. Dental extractions, IV catheter and fluid package, and medications dispensed are not included.  For pets 10 years old and over, we require IV catheter and fluids during the procedure and pre-operative bloodwork prior to surgery.  For pets 7 years and over, we require at least the in house mini-panel day Text Box: enough to intervene and manage successfully.  
	The full screening panel needs to be done prior to the dental procedure as it is sent out to our lab.  The day of your appointment, please do not feed your pet prior to coming in.  Ideally we would like you to bring a urine sample along with you.  morning urine sample if possible.  See a related article in this newsletter for how best to collect the urine.
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Text Box: February savings on dental cleanings and routine health panels!