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TURNED.  About half of Dr. Golatzkiís callbacks are done from home or car, so if your phone has a block you wonít hear from her until she is back in the office.   
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Volume IX,

Issue 1

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Text Box: Remember to check out our webpage www.edgewoodanimalclinic.org for up to date info, links to helpful websites (if we talked about it during an exam, itís probably on our links page), copies of our clinic handouts, etc.  In case of emergency, there is info and links to our local emergency clinics as well as poison control.  Also you will find a link to Dr. Golatzkiís blog at www.sheltiedoc.blogspot.com.  If you check out the index on the right side of the page you can find info on various health and training issues and even a few Text Box: Urine samples are invaluable in giving us information about your petís health.  Urinary tract issues are one of the most common ailments we see in our practice, ranging from lower urinary tract issues and inappropriate urination in cats, to urinary tract infections, bladder stones, kidney disease, and urinary tract cancers in both dog and cats.

If your pet is urinating in inappropariate times or places, drinking and urinating excessively, straining to urinate or has blood in the urine, we should perform a physical exam and urinalysis.  Ideally when performing routine bloodwork a urine sample is performed at the same time to help us evaluate the significance of any elevations in kidney values.   While we often can obtain a urine sample in our office (and in some cases may prefer to do so using sterile technique, for instance when doing a urine culture), pets donít always cooperate by having a full bladder when they come in, so it is helpful if you can Text Box: bring a sample along with you.  

In almost every case, we prefer to check a first morning urine sample, so that it is likely to be at itís most concentrated.  Because ability to concentrate is one of the most important things we learn from our urine sample, this timing can be quite important.  This can be obtained easily by taping a Dixie cup to a yardstick or broom handle, walking your dog outside on lead, and sliding the cup under the stream of urine.  For smaller female dogs, you may want to trim the cup so it is only an inch or so deep.  The urine may be refrigerated for up to 24 hours prior to bringing it in.  

Cats can be a little more complicated, but the best way we have found is to slide their litterbox (litter and all) inside a plastic trash bag, tuck the bag down inside the box and put it in its typical spot so the cat is urinating on the trash bag, but can still feel the litter under Text Box: the plastic.  Then simply turn the bag inside out.

If you are not successful, be sure that you do not allow your pet to urinate for as long as possible prior to your appointment, so we are better able to obtain a sample while here.  
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