Text Box: Does your pet participate in pet therapy programs, nursing home or school visits?

Text Box: How many pets and what types are in your household?
How many children in your household and what are their ages?
Does anyone in your household have immune status issues?
Does your pet visit the boarding kennel or groomer?
How much time does your pet spend outside in a typical day?
Do you take your dog to the dog park, pet store,  or to visit with other dogs?  
Do you take your pet camping or to visit rural areas?
Do you travel with your pet out of the area?  If so, where?
Text Box: Does your pet attend training classes, daycare, or competitions?
Does your pet go with you to the park, children’s ballgames, etc?
Do you hunt or herd with your dog?
Does your pet catch, or try to catch, wildlife or other animals?
Does your pet have access to lakes, ponds, creeks, etc?
Is your pet exposed to wildlife or farm animals?
Is your pet used for breeding or housed with breeding animals?

Text Box: Be prepared for these questions at your annual exam visit