Cory’s Kids

One proud papa!

 Maranatha Pickpocket CD BN RE



Whiteoak Laurelen Incorrigible UD NA NAJ NF RAE


O’Sure Grace Like Rain




Cory’s son Robbie stayed with me;  he reminded me of his grandpa Andy so I couldn’t help myself!  Like Andy, he is happy all the time, never walks when he can run, and rarely has all four feet on the ground.  He has started training in obedience, agility, and tracking and so far hasn’t found anything he doesn’t like.  He ended up just a little smaller than Andy’s size, finishing at 13 1/2 inches but a little less bone (and so far, a lot less coat!).  He has gone through a prolonged ugly duckling stage, but I keep telling him he’s going to be really pretty when he is done being ugly!  I think we have finally lost the battle of his jackrabbit ears though as he was really skilled at getting any kind of ear apparatus we could dream up OFF in less than five minutes (even with an Elizabethan collar on!). 


Robbie has been “warming up” for performance and finished his BN in 2012.  He finished his CD and RE in 2013 and earned his first RAE leg at the 2014 sheltie national.  I hope to have him ready to show in open sometime late summer of 2014;  he is already doing utility at show and goes and is coming along nicely there too.  NEWSFLASH: Robbie certified in tracking!  When some certification tracks became available after a local tracking test and there was one to spare, I entered him on a lark even though he had just recently done his first few tracks without food.  Imagine my surprise when he actually certified!  Look for us in a “real” test late fall 2014 or winter 2015 if all goes well– he is coming along like a house afire now (of course, since all the spring tests are over!).  He and showed great interest when exposed to ducks last fall.  He LOVES agility, though (no surprise there), although his training has been limited due to my knees.  He has been showing occasionally in  a class here and there when we are at CPE trials, and actually finished one level 2 title in limited outings. He thinks  he has died and gone to heaven every time he gets to play!  Still needs a little work on settling down and hitting his weaves in the heat of the moment before we give AKC a try.


Most importantly, Robbie is like Andy in that he is my snugglebug and is never far from my side.  He sleeps curled up next to me or on my lap and is just as sweet, social, outgoing, and enthusiastic as you would expect from his pedigree. Thanks to Tamara Jones of Maranatha shelties for letting Robbie come to me.

Here’s Robbie doing his ET imitation!  It’s so sad he has no toys…(what’s really sad is that is one of THREE toy baskets at our house!  That’s what comes of having shelties that never destroy their toys!).

Robbie with his dad Cory

Saffron on the left, Robbie on the right.

Obedience shots with red background courtesy of Dean Von Pusch.  Agility shots and remainder of obedience shots courtesy of Pawprints/Virgil Sweeden.  Unless otherwise noted, all other photos on this page were taken by myself.

The whole Fam-damnly:  left to right dad Cory, Robbie, mom Zoe, sister Saffron.

See how nice Robbie can look with his ears tipped?

Robbie’s first time on ducks– he went from a little unsure to WHAAHOO!!! in pretty short order!  Thanks to Nancy Runyon for providing a great experience for him, and for her hospitality!

I know this one will not impress the herding people, but it’s my favorite because it’s so totally Robbie!  BAZINGA!