Text Box:      As always, we set aside January and February to stress dental health in our patients.  See below and our back page for info on special savings on dental care this month.  In 2014 the most commonly made diagnosis in our practice was dental disease, ranging from mild tarter and calculus buildup to severe periodontal disease, abcess and infection.  These conditions have a significant impact on your pet’s overall health and are a huge factor in their quality of life, resulting in significant pain when left untreated.  They also impact on the relationship with owners;  the terrible breath odor we find on many of these pets makes them very unpleasant to be around! However you would be surprised how many owners have never noticed or understood the impact of these conditions.  Believe it or not, often the pet will continue to eat normally.  
Text Box:      Proper dental care includes routine prophylaxis (cleaning) as indicated, treatment of  any conditions such as periodontal disease, gingivitis, and abcessed or mobile teeth, and home care such as brushing.  Home care does not eliminate the need for professional care, but it can help to preserve proper condition of the mouth and minimize the frequency of professional cleanings.  Proper dental prophylaxis involves anesthesia so that we can address the buildup of calculus and debris under the gumline Text Box: as well as on the visible surface of the teeth.  This material under the gums is responsible for most of the health impact.  “Anesthesia free” dentals, while growing in availability from non-veterinary professionals, do nothing to address this issue and are primarily a cosmetic procedure– the teeth look better, but you have not addressed the disease under the gums.
     Our routine prophies are a very safe 	procedure with a very low incidence of problems.  As a matter of fact, it’s actually riskier to your pet’ s health NOT to treat these conditions.  Dental cleanings generally involve hospitalization for just a few hours for the procedure with almost all pets going home the same day.   Take advantage of our special savings this winter to keep your friend healthy, comfortable and pleasant to be around.  He’ll thank you for it!               
Text Box: Time for our winter dental special!
Text Box: Special savings on dental care
Text Box: 	Until the end of February we offer a 10% discount on dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning).  This includes anesthesia, monitoring, dental cleaning and polishing, and fluoride treatment.  IV fluid package, extractions and additional medications are not included.  Because many of our dental patients are geriatric, we Text Box: recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork to help identify any underlying health issues.  During January and February we will also offer a FREE   urinalysis with  the full pre-op screening panel (cbc, chemistry panel, and urinalysis) for pets scheduled for dental procedures.  This bloodwork needs to be done at least 48 hour prior to the procedure (see back page for more Text Box: details).  If your pet has not been examined recently, we may need to do a physical prior to the procedure as well  (minimum requirement is a physical exam within the last year, but depending upon your pet’s health we may need a more recent exam).  Our dental special starts now ;  spots tend to fill fast, so call TODAY for an appointment!

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