Text Box: As always, we set aside February to stress dental health in our patients.  See below and our back page for info on special savings on dental care this month.  Pictured at right is a common presentation we see in dogs and cats, a mouth with terrible dental calculus (buildup on teeth), gingivitis, and periodontal disease (disease and loss of integrity of the supporting structures which hold the teeth in place).  Obviously this dog has severe discomfort, terrible breath odor, and possibly impact on internal organs due to entry of bacteria into the bloodstream at the gums.  However you would be surprised how many owners have never noticed or understood the impact of these conditions.  Believe it or not, often the pet will continue to eat normally.  
	While these teeth are in desperate need of care, the truth is that most of them may be too far gone to save 
Text Box: and at this point extraction may be our only option.  While we certainly can help this dog, we much prefer to see them BEFORE they get to this state so that we can keep the teeth and gums as good a condition as possible through the petís life and avoid some of the long term consequences of dental neglect.  
	Routine brushing and professional dental cleaning as needed are the cornerstones to good dental care for your dog.  Take Text Box: advantage of our dental special this month to get your petís mouth in good shape and weíll also send you home with a free brushing kit and help you get started on a home care program.  For most pets, it is an easy process and one they enjoy if you use the appropriate products (mine LOVE the chicken flavored toothpaste!).  Not only will your petís quality of life dramatically improve, but so will yours when you can enjoy Fido without having to 	
	   put up with that ter-
                    rible breath odor!
                   his Valentineís 
	    kisses will be
                    much more enjoy-
                   able for both of 
                    you.     Call us to 
                   schedule your petís
                   dental appointment
Text Box: February is Pet Dental Health Month!
Text Box: Special savings on dental care
Text Box: 	During February we offer a 10% discount on dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning).  This includes anesthesia, monitoring, dental cleaning and polishing, and fluoride treatment.  Extractions and additional medications are not included.  	Because many of our dental patients are geriatric, we recommend pre-anesthetic Text Box: bloodwork to help identify any underlying health issues.  For the month of February we will also offer a FREE   urinalysis with  the full pre-op screening panel (cbc, chemistry panel, and urinalysis) for pets scheduled for dental procedures.  This bloodwork needs to be done at least 48 hour prior to the procedure (see back page for more Text Box: details).  If your pet has not been examined recently, we may need to do a physical prior to the procedure as well  (minimum requirement is a physical exam within the last year, but depending upon your petís health we may need a more recent exam).  Our dental special starts now ;  spots tend to fill fast, so call TODAY for an appointment!

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