Text Box:      If you’ve been in recently you may already know that we moved to our new location June 1!  Some of you may also have seen our new sign which went up recently.  After 30 years in the same location (Dr. Golatzki has been here nearly 23) we have moved into a new office in Silverlake Plaza near Erlanger Kroger.  
     The new location will give us quite a bit more space, as well as much more available parking.  We’ll also have much better sound control between rooms, more cage space, and generally better traffic flow throughout the clinic.  Our current location has always been on the tight side space wise, and over the years the maintenance on the building has been lacking, so we have been looking around for a while.  We were lucky enough that everything fell into place to make this location possible.
     Please help us to be good neighbors!  Make sure your dogs are kept on leash (if you use a flexi lead, please keep it locked at 4 feet or less) and cats REALLY need to come in a carrier for their safety.  If you have trouble getting 
Text Box: them inside, slide them into a pillowcase and then put the whole thing,, cat, pillowcase and all into the crate– that way they can’t use their legs to brace against going in.  A potty area will be installed soon for dogs to the left of the building as you face our front door;  please be sure to ONLY allow your pets to potty there (no leg lifting on the columns) and make sure to pick up after them.  (until it is available, you Text Box: may use the grass along the fenceline in the same area). If you are on your way in, please bring any poop bags in with you in case we need a stool sample.  And, if you are coming in for any problems involving drinking or urinating, please DON’T visit the potty area first in case we need to collect a sample.  
     Our phone number will remain the same (859-331-4848) and our new address will be 3172 Dixie Highway, Erlanger KY  41018.  Remember if you use the yellow pages that our new ad will not appear until the new books are released in September so the address there will not be correct.  
     Although we have technically “jumped” the line from Edgewood into Erlanger, we have decided not to change our name.  Edgewood Animal Clinic has been our name since the clinic was opened, before Dr. Golatzki was even here, and it is what our clients identify with.  We are still right on the border so it seemed simpler for all involved to keep things the same!
     We look forward to seeing you in our new home!  Feel free to stop by and visit!  	                                         

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