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Since spring 2017 outbreaks of the new strain of canine influenze (H1N2) have been on the rise.  Initially the disease cropped up at dog shows in FL and GA, spreading quickly to Kentucky and many other states.  Kentucky and Ohio continue to report multiple new cases as of winter 2018;  one of the doggy daycares in Cincinnati was shut down after an outbreak as was a Louisville Animal Shelter.  Shelters in Boone County and Lexington also were shut down for several weeks after outbreaks of respiratory disease.  Coinfections with multiple infectious agents are common with flu.  Currently we are recommending our canine patients who show, attend training classes or day care, board, groom frequently or at large facilities, or visit dog parks be vaccinated for canine influenza (our vaccine protects against both strains) and kennel cough (Bordetella/parainfluenza). 



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