Andy’s Kids

One proud papa!

Whiteoak Laurelen Incorrigible UD NA NAJ NF RAE



OFA Good, Elbows normal, CERF normal,  VWD clear by pedigree

Devoncroft Pocket Rocket CDX RN HT OA OAJ NF


Whiteoak Laurelen Ante Up (pts)

           Cory is Andy’s firstborn son.  He is so like his dad in many ways, with the same infectious enthusiasm and speed.  He LOVES people, especially kids, and gets along well with other dogs.  I’m sure he would show the proper sheltie reserve with strangers if he ever met one!   He is a little bit more of a thinker than his dad, and worries a little bit more about pleasing me.  A bit bigger than Andy (he is approximately 15 inches tall and moderate boned), he has tons of coat but a little more shading instead of the pure red (although he likely is pure for sable).  He has passed his CERF, his hips are OFA Good and his elbows are normal.  He should be VWD normal by pedigree.

           Cory is currently training in multiple venues.  He just finished his UD;  we don’t have UDX aspirations but will continue to show for fun when we feel like it.   He is running in agility as my knees permit in Open; he may have to get a new handler to get us into excellent!

           Cory LOVES agility and is very fast and has nice contacts and weaves, but we are still working on teamwork and he needs a lot of distance for me to be able to run him.   Cory also did a lot of tracking in 2008 and was really ready to certify, but had to take a back seat so he didn’t compete with his dad for test spots.  In the spring of 2009 I had just lost Andy and didn’t have the heart to track much ,since then we have tracked off and on but have not tried to certify or enter tests yet– hopefully that will come soon, we can concentrate on tracking a little more now that he has his UD!  Cory also got a chance to try herding on ducks when he was teenager, and did very well moving them through the whole course; he got to try again recently and showed interest again.   He showed in breed occasionally but no surprise to any of his friends, he is a bit of a butthead!  I am not willing to send him out with a handler so probably his conformation days are over.   Thanks to Kathy Rhoades and Myra Flynn for letting me have my special boy.


           You can click HERE to see some youtube videos of Cory (and of Andy when he was younger, as well as Cory’s son Robbie).  Some of his obedience and agility runs are posted;  sometimes it is hard to tell which is which– he barks during both!   For more up to date info on Cory, see my blog at and click on “Cory” in the right hand menu. 





Thanks to Jessica Starbuck for header photo; Pawprints for top agility jump shot, Cathi Winkles for weave shot on turf, Joann Jozwiak for top middle weave shot, VW Perry Photo and Natureworks Photo for all other agility shots;  Dick Clark Photo for obedience shots, Cheryl Erfelt for photos with apples and straw.  All other portrait/candids and herding shots  by Rebecca Golatzki DVM.