Cory’s Kids

One proud papa!

Cory X Zoe litter

May 26, 2010

Whiteoak Laurelen Incorrigible CD NF RAE


O’Sure Grace Like Rain






OFA Good, Elbows normal, CERF normal,  VWD clear by pedigree

Devoncroft Pocket Rocket CDX RN HT OA OAJ NF


Whiteoak Laurelen Ante Up (pts)

           The bitch is the larger puppy with the narrower blaze, the smaller, wide blazed puppy is the male.  Their “puppy names” were Cora (for her daddy) and Rodney….if you look at the picture below, you will see that little Rodney got his name because he looked just like the guinea pig in the Dr. Dolittle movies with Eddie Murphy!

Cory and Zoe welcomed two babies, a girl and a boy, on May 26, 2010.  This litter doubles up on “Ricky”, CH Belmar Joker’s Wild, who is Zoe’s sire and Cory’s maternal grandsire.  Ricky has in very limited breedings produced 4 breed champions, several other pointed offspring, and a herding champion (Zoe’s littersister) as well as dogs placing at the national level and producing well themselves; he is prepotent for good structure especially fronts and great temperament.  Cory’s sire and Zoe’s dam also incorporate some of the same dogs behind the O’Sure line, which also have produced excellent performance and conformation dogs, so we are very excited about this breeding.  Zoe is a very well built bitch with excellent front structure which she passed on to her offspring from her first litter by CH Road’s End Obvious Conclusion.  Thanks to Tamara Jones, Zoe’s owner, for doing this breeding and letting me have a puppy back!



OFA Prelim Good,  CERF normal

CH Belmar Joker’s Wild


O’Sure Educating Rita

Early socialization and stimulation is important!  However, we’re not sure the puppies will REALLY remember their first introduction to agility equipment!  (we had fun with it though!).  But below you see Rodney (now Robbie)’s first introduction to a “real” play tunnel outside, at 4 wks of age.  He LOVED it!

Both puppies inherited the “howling” gene from their daddy! 

Got Milk?!

One way to keep them in one place long enough to photograph– put them IN something!

I’m not sure Cory is totally impressed with fatherhood!

Here are the babies at 7 wks old (another example of putting them IN something to get them to stay put long enough to photograph!). 

And here is the whole family (pups 9 mos old)...from L to R, Zoe, Saffron (formerly Cora), Robbie (formerly Rodney), and Cory.  Please excuse the lack of grooming and ear fixing, it was an impromptu session and they were definitely NOT glamorized that day!  Be sure to click on the links below to see Robbie and Saffron’s “grown up” pages of their own!