Congratulations!  Your new kitten has made it through an important part of his life with your help.  The next consideration is the decision of whether or not to have him neutered.  This is truly a significant health topic and one that deserves a few moments of thought for every pet owner.  When done early, this surgical procedure will eliminate many unwanted behavioral problems which develop with sexual maturity, and can significantly lengthen a cat’s life. 


             Some of the benefits of neutering are:

             -Eliminates spraying to “mark” his territory both outdoors and in your home.

             -Eliminates roaming in search of females.  If allowed to run loose, he may fight

              with other males, be injured, killed by automobiles, or run away.

             -Markedly decreases urine odor.

             -Greatly reduces the medical costs related to treating bite abscesses or wound


             -Decreases the risk of exposure to feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency

              virus (feline AIDS) by eliminating exposure through breeding and decreasing the

              likelihood of bite wounds suffered in cat fights.

             -Helps control the pet population crisis by avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

             -Neutered cats may live well into their teens, while the average lifespan of an

              unaltered male ranges from two to six years due to their increased risk of injury

              and disease.


             Altering will not change your cat’s personality except to make him a calmer, more devoted pet.  An older, less active animal may experience a small amount of weight gain which can be controlled by diet and exercise.  Unless you are convinced that you want to show or breed your pet, we recommend that you call for a surgical appointment soon.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this important procedure.

             Declawing may also be done at the same time as the neuter.  This procedure should only be considered for cats who will be strictly indoors, as it affects their ability to climb trees and defend

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