Devoncroft Pocket Rocket


CH Prinhill Tar-Ri’s Tiger Man X Devoncroft Alleluia

OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, LCP Normal, CERF Normal, MSU Thyroid Normal, VWD Clear, MDR1 Normal


Several years ago I was looking for a new puppy (a blue bitch) and was planning a trip to Canada to look at a litter. At about the same time, my good friend Pam Schussel had done a very nice breeding to a TC son and had three sable male pups. Even as tiny puppies there was something about this litter...
When the litter was five weeks old she brought them in to the clinic. I walked back and this little red dog came running around the corner and stuck his chest out, looking for all the world like a miniature version of the picture of TC. I started mentally re-thinking my Canadian trip thinking "DAMN! I REALLY don't want a brown male!". As it happens, Pam's husband had just taken a job in England and she was faced with the prospect of choosing who would go through quarantine and who would be placed. She offered me my choice of puppies in the litter and I immediately said I liked Andy. I took him home "just for the

weekend" but within half an hour I knew he wasn't going anywhere!
     Andy is a lot of dog rolled up in a 13 7/8 inch package! From the time he was a puppy has has never walked when he could run. He lives to run agility, although he also enjoys obedience, herding, tracking, and has even made an appearance or two in the conformation ring. If it involves food and applause, great! And if you have the chance to run and bark, FABULOUS! He is one of the happiest little dogs you could ever hope to run across. He finished his USDAA-AD title running approximately 6.5 yps (despite a 2on/2off hold on the contacts) and is a little speed demon. Despite that, he is a couch potato at home and is very easy to live with. He accompanies me to work each day where he is in charge of keeping the clinic kitties in line. Andy just finished his CDX and we hope to be ready for utility sometime towards the end of the year.  He was also tracking certified but the certification lapsed while I was recuperating from torn menisci in both knees– hopefully this fall and winter we will be ready to try again.  The same knee problems have made it tough going in the agility rings as of late, but I am starting to be able to train a bit again.  Andy has been running great and finally was able to finish his OAJ and get his first AXJ leg the same weekend– now if I can just stop messing us up we should be fine!

           Andy also became a father on December 29, 2004 with the birth of his son, Cory who is now living here with us.  Cory’s dam is Whiteoak Laurelen Ante Up, “Annabelle” (4 pts), owned by Kathy Rhoades and Myra Flynn.  Since Cory was a singleton, Kathy and Myra bred her full younger sister Whiteoak Laurelen Liberty Belle “Libby” back to Andy this spring and they had a lovely litter of five on June 7 2005.  Two are currently in conformation homes and two are in performance homes.   We look forward to following their careers in the future! 



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